Shadow Of The Colossus (PC/MULTI2/2010)

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Shadow Of The Colossus (PC/MULTI2/2010)
Language: Eng, Rus | Developer: Team ICO | Publisher: NightLection Team | 612 MbGenre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person |626 MB
On a plot of the game protagonist Vander with the body of his dead lover comes to the ancient abandoned temple, situated in certain Forbidden Lands. He must destroy sixteen stone idols, won sixteen huge monsters called Colossus - a claim put forward by mysterious incorporeal occupant of the temple on behalf of the Dorminy, promising instead to resurrect the dead girl.
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syamsul bakri mengatakan...

when i try to start the game, an error appeared says "cannot create some of your include files shadow.exe" and then the windows command processor stopped working..

can u help me plz..

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